Network Topologies

You can use predefined network topology types when setting up network connections between client groups.


  • Only servers with network routes as assigned by network topologies are allowed to communicate with each other.

  • In an MSP environment, the system will not generate a network route from Server 1 in Tenant A to Server 2 in Tenant B, because the servers belong to different tenants. This limitation enhances security for both tenants. For example, if a cascading network gateway topology is created, and if a tenant server group contains servers from multiple tenants, and if the tenant backup network gateway group contains gateways from multiple tenants, the system will generate a network route from Server 1 of Tenant A to a tenant gateway server of Tenant A only. Server 1 will not generate a network route towards the gateway server of Tenant B.

The client groups use a network topology instance to establish connections between each other, either in one direction, or in both directions. The clients in the client groups can be the CommServe computer, MediaAgents, or client computers.

If you plan to set up direct connections between client groups, you should use network topologies.