New Features for Activate in 11.20

File Ownership Management and Advanced Filtering Options for Entitlement Manager

The following new features are available for the Entitlement Manager:

  • You can add a new user, and allow or deny permissions for the new user.

  • You can use filters to search and view permissions of files and folders with specific criteria. The criteria include owners, users, or sensitive tags such as Social Security numbers (SSNs) and other personally identifiable information (PII) data. When you apply a filter for a user, all Active Directory (AD) groups that the user belongs to are included in the results.

  • You can change the owner of a specific set of files or folders to another user.

For more information, see Entitlement Management: Permissions for Files and Folders on CIFS Shares.

Install the Index Store Package on a Linux Computer

You can install the Index Store package on versions of the Red Hat operating system when the Index Server is used for File Storage Optimization.

For more information, see File Storage Optimization: System Requirements and Hardware Specifications.

Monitor Data by Using the Activate Dashboard

Use the Activate Dashboard to monitor the following Activate applications: Sensitive Data Governance, Request Manager, File Storage Optimization, and Case Manager.

For more information, see Activate Dashboard.

Use a Stand-Alone Index Server with Case Manager

You can use a stand-alone Index Server when you set up Case Manager in Command Center. Support for the stand-alone Index Server is in addition to support for a single node Index Server cloud, so you can use either type of Index Server for Case Manager.

For more information, see Getting Started with the Case Manager for Exchange Mailboxes.