New Features for Activate in 11.25

Additional PII Entity Types Are Available

Additional types of personally identifiable information are available to use with entity extraction.

For a list of entity types, see Personally Identifiable Information Entity Types.

Analyze Data in Object Storage Using File Storage Optimization

To analyze data in object storage, you can add object storage data sources to File Storage Optimization.

For more information, see Adding an Object Storage Data Source for File Storage Optimization.

Back Up the Index Server

You can perform an on demand back up of the Index Server.

For more information, see Backing Up the Index Server On Demand.

Case Manager and Compliance Search Support Legacy Exchange Compliance Archiver Data in Command Center

You can collect email messages that belong to custodians from an Exchange Journal Mailbox that was content indexed and backed up using the legacy Exchange Compliance Archiver Agent. From Case Manager and from Compliance Search, you can add case definitions that include these email messages.

For more information, see Case Manager for Exchange Mailboxes, File Servers, or Laptops and Creating a Case for Email Data.

Fix Mismatched Permissions in Entitlement Manager

You can fix mismatched permissions for live data sources. Mismatched permissions are permissions that differ between a parent folder and its subfolders or when inheritance is disabled. In Entitlement Manager, you can view a side-by-side comparison of the parent folder and subfolder permissions. After you review the permissions, you can either use the parent folder permissions on the subfolder or ignore the mismatched permissions.

For more information, see Fixing Mismatched Permissions in Entitlement Manager.

Search Email Messages By Using Exact Keyword Matching

To search for email messages by exact keywords, enable exact keyword matching in Data classification plans for Case Manager.

For more information, see the following topics:

Select a Language When Creating an Index Server

When you create an index server in the Command Center, you can select Chinese, English, or Japanese as the language of the content that the index server will content index. During content indexing, text is split into meaningful groups of characters (tokenized). After the text is tokenized, meaningful results are returned when you search the text.

For more information, see Creating an Index Server.

Use Multiple Content Analyzers to Process PII

For Case Manager and Sensitive Data Governance, you can select multiple content analyzers on data classification plans. Selecting multiple content analyzers distributes the processing load needed to identify personally identifiable information (PII).

For more information, see the following: