New Features for Activate in 11.26

Add File Server Data Sources in Bulk

You can add file server data sources in bulk to analyze data using File Storage Optimization. You can specify and add data sources individually from the Command Center, or specify and add data sources in bulk using a CSV file.

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File Monitoring Report for Sensitive Data Governance

The File Monitoring report in Sensitive Data Governance displays file access information for files on Windows computers and NetApp filers. Use the report to discover which users are accessing sensitive files and which sensitive files are being accessed.

For more information, see Viewing File Monitoring Information.

Identify Documents Using Azure Classification Models

You can use Azure classification models to recognize receipts, business cards, invoices, and IDs in the data sources that you analyze in Sensitive Data Governance. Commvault uses Azure Cognitive Services APIs to perform the identification.

For more information, see Azure Classification Models.

Use Fewer Resources for Exchange Data Sources in Sensitive Data Governance

You can use the same index server to content index Exchange data sources in Sensitive Data Governance and Exchange data during a backup operation. Reusing the index server minimizes hardware costs and maintenance.

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