New Features for Backup Agents in 11.26

Automated Migration Of NAS Filer Data

You can automate the migration of backed up data or archived data from any supported NAS file server to any other supported NAS file server.

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Back Up Full MySQL Instance Using the XtraBackup Utility

You can configure a MySQL database group to use the XtraBackup utility for backup operations of the whole MySQL instance. With XtraBackup, you can achieve faster physical backups of many small databases by backing them up at the instance level. You can restore data at the full instance level.

For more information, see Configuring a MySQL Database Group on a Linux Client to Run Backups Using Percona XtraBackup.

Back Up Exchange Messages Using Exchange Web Services (EWS) in the Command Center

You can back up Exchange user mailboxes using Exchange Web Services (EWS).

Starting with Feature Release 25, you can use EWS with Exchange Server 2013, 2016, and 2019.

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Credential Manager for Amazon Cloud Databases

You can use the Commvault Credential Manager for authentication for Amazon cloud databases.

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For Amazon RDS, Tags Are Backed Up, and You Can Specify Multiple Security Groups During a Restore

When you perform a full backup of an Amazon RDS instance group on Amazon cloud, the backup operation takes a snapshot of the instance group and includes all the tags associated with the instance.

When you restore an Amazon RDS Instance, you can specify multiple security groups to define which subnets and IP ranges the cluster or instance can use in the Amazon virtual private cloud (VPC).

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Fully Automated Restores for MongoDB

Restores for MongoDB clusters are fully automated, requiring no manual intervention.

As part of the automated procedure, before the restore operation, the MongoDB servers are shut down and the data paths are cleaned up. Data is restored to all the MongoDB servers in the destination cluster instead of using the resource-intensive initial sync MongoDB operation.

After the restore operation, all the secondary members are added to the replica sets automatically.

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Restart NDMP Multi-Stream Backups on Isilon File Servers

Beginning with Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale OneFS 9.2.1, the Commvault software can more quickly complete multi-stream backups that failed. During the initial backup job, the OneFS software creates checkpoints that Commvault uses to restart a failed multi-stream backup.

For more information, see NDMP Agent: Supported Vendors.

Restore an Amazon RDS Instance to the Same or a Different AWS Cloud Account

You can restore an Amazon RDS instance to the same AWS cloud account or to a different AWS cloud account.

For more information, see Restoring an Amazon RDS Instance to the Same or a Different AWS Cloud Account.

Splunk Plug-In

You can use the Splunk plug-in to monitor the duration and the status of Commvault jobs, and to monitor the Commvault logs.

For more information, see Splunk Plug-In.