New Features for CommCell Management in 11.25

Associating Tags with CommCell Entities

You can associate tags with entities in the Command Center.

A tag is kind of a label that can be assigned to any Commvault entity. It is a pair of a key and an optional value that enables you to categorize resources, which makes searching easier.

For more information, see Creating Entity Tags.

Configuring an HTTP Proxy at the Client Level, Client Group Level, and Server Group Level

You can configure an HTTP proxy at the client level, client group level, and server group level.

For more information, see the following topics:

Configuring Webhook Alert Notifications

You can configure the Webhook alert in the Command Center to send alerts to the third-part application that supports Webhook.

For more information, see Setting Up Webhook Alert Notifications.

Enabling Common Access Card (CAC) Authentication for the Web Console and the Command Center

You can configure the Web Console and Command Center computers in a CommCell environment to allow users to sign on using their Common Access Cards.

For more information, see the following topics:

Enhanced Windows Ransomware Protection Feature

Enhanced the Windows Ransomware protection feature to mitigate new emerging ransomware threat patterns.

One-Way Forwarding Connection Through a Network Gateway Using a Predefined Network Topology

You can set up a one-way forwarding connection through a network gateway using a predefined network topology.

For more information, see the following topics:

Using a Security Key for Two-Factor Authentication

You can use a security key (such as Yubikey from Yubico) as the second step for two-factor authentication (which is a form of multi-factor authentication). A security key is a physical device that you connect to the USB port on your computer. Your must get a security key if you want to use it as the second step for two-factor authentication.

When you enable two-factor authentication, by default, the PIN and the security key methods are enabled as the second verification step. However, after you add the security key to your CommCell account, the Commvault software makes the security key your default second step for two-factor authentication.

For more information, see the following topics: