New Features for Solutions and Use Cases in 11.16

Ad Hoc Backup of Files and Folders using the Explorer Plug-In

You can perform ad hoc backup of files or folders in the explorer window of your laptop computer by using the Explorer Plug-In.

For more information, see Ad hoc Backup of Data.

Enhanced Support for Databases in Activate

  • You can perform sensitive data analysis on Microsoft SQL Server databases and Oracle databases that employ TDE (Transparent Data Encryption). To start detecting TDE encrypted PII (personally identifiable information), add a Microsoft SQL Server database or an Oracle database as a data source to a project.

  • You can use your Oracle wallet to provide credentials for your Oracle database data source.

For more information, see Adding Database Data Sources.

Export File System Backups as CIFS, SMB, and NFS Shares, at the Backup Set Level

To access the entire backup set data, you can export file system backups as CIFS, SMB, and NFS shares, at the backup set level.

For more information, see Creating an NFS or CIFS Share from the CommCell Console.