OpenVMS File System Backups

Back up data that resides on your OpenVMS computer.

You can run backups immediately or configure a plan that includes a schedule.

Full Backup

Backups for any client start with a full backup. For Agents that support non-full backups, the full backup becomes a baseline to which subsequent backup types are applied. For example, if an agent supports incremental backups, a full backup must be performed before an incremental backup can be initiated.

Incremental Backup

An incremental backup contains only data that is new or has changed since the last backup, regardless of the type. On average, incremental backups use less media and place less of a burden on resources than full backups.

Synthetic Full Backup

Synthetic full backups consolidate the data from the latest full backup or synthetic full backup together with any subsequent incremental backups into one archive file, instead of reading and backing up data directly from the client computer. Synthetic full backups do nat add load on the client computer because synthetic full backups do not back up the data from the client computer.