Options for Conversion to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

When you restore a VM from a different hypervisor to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, provide Oracle Cloud Infrastructure values for the restore operation.

Restore Options

  • Restore as: Select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Destination: Select the destination hypervisor.

  • Access node (Optional): Select the VSA proxy for the conversion.

    The proxy must be an instance running in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • If you are converting multiple VMs, you can select the All Instances tab to specify options for all of the instances in the job, or a specific instance to specify options for that instance.

    • Enable edit destination instance name: (when converting multiple VMs) Select this option and enter a prefix or suffix to be added to the source VM name to create each destination instance name.

    • Instance name (when converting a single VM): Type a new name to be used for the converted instance.

    • Compartment: Select the compartment where the converted instance should be created.

    • Shapes: Select an instance shape that is at or above the level of the source instances.

    • Availability domain: Select the availability domain where the converted instance should be created.

    • Virtual cloud network: Select a network for the destination instances.

    • Subnet: Select a subnet that is defined for the specified availability domain.

    • Staging bucket: Select a storage bucket that is available for the specified compartment.

    • Create public IP: Select this option to generate a public IP address that can be used to communicate with the converted instance.

      The IP address is displayed with the instance in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console after the conversion is completed.

  • Power on instance after restore: Start converted instances automatically after the conversion completes.

  • Unconditionally overwrite if it already exists: (Optional) Delete an existing instance that has the same name and replace it with the restored instance.