Service Provider Licensing and Billing

For service providers, Commvault software uses the total license usage calculation to determine license usage and billing. Total license usage can be either capacity-based (per TB) or entity-based (per unique client computer, user, mailbox, or other entity), based on the type of license you purchased. Total license usage for capacity-based licenses and entity-based licenses are calculated differently. Service providers should view the Subclient Peak Usage report to help calculate license usage and billing.


The commonly-used License Summary report displays the current (not total) license usage calculation, which might cause some confusion for service providers. In the License Summary report, current usage is a snapshot of license usage at the particular instance that the License Summary report runs. Because service provider billing is calculated based on the total (not current) license usage calculation, the numbers displayed in the Billing Royalty report and the numbers displayed in the Usage reports from the CommCell environment can differ dramatically. That is why service providers should use the Subclient Peak Usage report instead of the License Summary report.