Support Information For Metallic Recovery Reserve

The following features support must be noted for Metallic Cloud Storage Service:

  • Storage policies using Metallic Cloud Storage Service library can be configured as follows:

    • Primary copies can be created using the Hot storage class.

    • Secondary copies can be created using the Cool or Hot storage classes.

    • Metallic Cloud Storage Service cannot be used as the source copy to create a secondary copy.

  • CommCell Migration is not supported.

  • Space Reclamation Operation on Metallic Cloud Storage Service:

    Do not perform space reclamation operation on Metallic Cloud Storage Service on a regular basis. You must consult Commvault Support before you perform a space reclamation operation on Metallic Cloud Storage Service.

    Consider the following options for Metallic Cloud Storage Service storage:

    • Option 1: Set the Don’t dedupe objects older than x days option based on the following retention on the DDB.

      • Retention 0 to 7 days - 90 days
      • Retention 8 to 30 days - 120 days
      • Retention 31 to 180 days - 180 days

      For more information, see the Deduplication Database Properties - Settings section in Online Help

    • Option 2: If the defragmentation bloat (difference between the estimated media size and the size on disk) is higher than the 30%, then provision extra small and temporary MediaAgent in the same cloud region, and run the space reclamation job.


      Contact your Commvault Support for the authorization to perform space reclamation operation for Metallic Cloud Storage Service.

    • Option 3: If option 2 is not possible to provision MediaAgent, then purchase additional storage capacity to cover the bloat.