Adding Cluster Nodes in Batch Mode

To add a Hedvig Storage Cluster Node in batch mode, you set the HV_ROOTPASS environment variable, and then add the node using the /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy command.


  1. Start a tmux session.

  2. Since the Ansible configuration file is not read when cluster nodes are added, set the HV_ROOTPASS environment variable.

    export HV_ROOTPASS=<root_password>

  3. Run the following command to add one or more cluster nodes.


    Options for the /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy command take two dashes (--).

    /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --cluster_name <cluster_name> --add_nodes <storage_cluster_node_FQDN> [<storage_cluster_node FQDN> ...]

HV Environment Variables

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