Hedvig S3 Protocol-Compatible Object Storage User Guide

Hedvig Object Storage is an S3 protocol-compatible implementation, with the following features:

  • Access over HTTP and HTTPS

  • S3 versions 2 and 4 authentication

  • ACLs (access control lists), for bucket and object granularity, and for access control, using the bucket policy

  • Hierarchical object namespaces

  • Object versioning

  • Large objects through multipart uploads

  • Compression at the bucket level

  • Encryption at the object level

  • Tagging and customized metadata (at both the bucket and the object level)

  • Efficient reading (parts and whole), writing, and listing of object data and metadata, and object versions in a bucket

  • Deletion of multiple objects in one request, reducing per request overhead

  • Dual data center replication policy environments

  • Data protection policies:

    • Erasure Coding (using Reed-Solomon codes)

    • Replication

  • Static website hosting

  • Website redirection

  • Tenant-based quota management