Hedvig WebUI User Guide

The Hedvig WebUI User Guide describes how to use the Hedvig WebUI, the graphical user interface for managing and monitoring Commvault Distributed Storage, which consists of three main components:

  • The Hedvig Storage Service is Hedvig’s patented distributed systems engine. It installs on commodity x86 or ARM servers to transform existing server and storage assets — including SSD/flash media and hard disk — into a full-featured elastic storage cluster.

  • A Hedvig Virtual Disk is the fundamental abstraction of Commvault Distributed Storage. It is an abstracted logical disk volume presented to a computer or application for read/write use.

  • A Hedvig Storage Proxy is a lightweight software component that deploys at the application tier as a VM or Docker container — or on bare metal — to provide storage access to any physical host or VM in the application tier.

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For information on how to use the Hedvig CLI (command line interface), see the Hedvig Command Reference.