Connecting to a CommCell Environment with PowerShell


Before you can use most PowerShell cmdlets to interact with your CommCell environment, you must connect and authenticate access to the CommServe host. To do so, you can use the Connect-CVServer cmdlet from PowerShell.

Before You Begin


  1. In PowerShell, run the following cmdlet:

  2. When prompted, enter the following information for your CommCell environment:

    • Server: the IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Web Server for the CommServe host.

    • User: the username to access the CommCell environment.

    • Password: the plain text password for the username.

    If successful, a message appears that you are logged in to the CommCell environment.

What to Do Next

In PowerShell or a scripting environment, use the cmdlets to interact with your CommCell environment.

For more detailed information about Commvault PowerShell cmdlets, see the reference topics in the Commvault PowerShell Module Reference section.