Cloud Services Supported by Commvault


Commvault provides features to support and enhance the services provided by cloud vendors, including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud platforms. Commvault features take advantage of native capabilities within each cloud platform, while adding features to simplify management, provide flexibility, support rapid recovery, and reduce costs.

Commvault features support the following cloud use cases:

  • Backup and restore: Protect and recover data and applications in the cloud.

  • Cloud storage: Write or copy data to and from cloud storage. Use compression, deduplication, and migration features for fast, efficient, and secure transport.

  • Workload portability: Move data and applications seamlessly among physical, virtual, and hybrid environments. Reduce risk, scale out operations, and increase flexibility for development and testing. You can use workload portability features to migrate data and applications from physical infrastructure to cloud platforms.

  • Cost management: Manage the cost of cloud storage, data protection and recovery operations, and infrastructure that runs in the cloud.

  • Disaster recovery: Provide cloud recovery sites for on-premises datacenters, or vice versa. Use orchestration features for rapid recovery.

  • Security and identity services: Control access with key management services, role-based access, and embedded encryption.

  • Indexing and analytics: Extend the value of data with content indexing, visualization tools, and analytics. Enhance privacy, ensure compliance, and provide insights to increase business intelligence.