Service Development for Managed Service Providers


Commvault suggests a phased approach to build your data management services portfolio.

To get started quickly, we will discuss the following common services:

To help you define the required service, and ensure consistency from procurement to your first billing cycle, we have divided the service development process into the following stages:

Service Description: Defines what the service provides and how the user can access it.

Service Design: In this phase, you will use the service concepts and the requirements to define the infrastructure design that is suitable for your solution.

Service Deployment: This phase deals with the actual process of deploying and configuring the solution to your first tenant.

Service Operation: In this phase, you are ready to move the initial setup to a production-ready state. The service is now handed over to your operations team and is available to order and activate.

Service Lifecycle: As part of Service operations, you will ensure smooth transition between service releases to adopt the current generation technology and maintain profitable service. When migrating the users between service offerings you will define processes to realize cost savings and decommission legacy equipment.