Download Center


The Download Center is a central location where you store and organize digital resources and make them available to your end users for download. Digital resources are uploaded using metadata to a repository. When users download a package from the Download Center, the package is retrieved from the repository and downloaded to the user's machine.

With the Download Center, you do not need to maintain digital resources in a central storage location, which eliminates unnecessary data movement and duplicated data.


The digital resources that users download from the Download Center are called packages.


A repository is a location that hosts package files in the Download Center. You can create three types of repositories: ObjectStore, network location, and Web Server. You can add as many repositories as you require.

Repository type



A data storage repository that you can configure from the CommCell Console.

In the ObjectStore, you can manage your data with a well-defined set of APIs. You can also manage your data in the ObjectStore using the Edge Drive interface in the Web Console. Administrators can upload data to the ObjectStore using Edge or the ObjectStore APIs, configure the ObjectStore as a Download Center repository, and then add packages from the ObjectStore that users can download.

You can also configure deduplication for the ObjectStore and store your packages on more inexpensive backup media.

Network location

A repository that allows you to store packages in a network location.

If you have packages that reside on a file server or any other type of location that can be accessed over the network, a network location repository is useful.

Web Server

A repository that allows you to store packages on the local Web Server.

If you already have data stored on the Web Server that you want to make available to end-users, you can configure this repository. However, if you have multiple Web Servers in your CommCell environment, you must use a network location or an ObjectStore repository because downloads and read-me previews might not work correctly across different Web Servers.

  • For information about creating an ObjectStore as a Download Center repository, see ObjectStore.

  • For information about how to upload and manage data in ObjectStore using the Edge Drive interface, see Edge Drive for End Users.