Automatic Access Node Selection for Virtualization

For hypervisors and VM groups, you use use the Automatic option for access nodes. With the Automatic option, the Commvault software automatically selects which access nodes to use for data protection operations.

When you use the Automatic option, the following rules apply:

  • Hypervisors: When you create the first VM group for a hypervisor, access nodes are automatically selected for the hypervisor based on the selected plan for the tenant admin/MSP. Those access nodes are now associated at the hypervisor level. However, at the VM group level, the following message will display: ‘Inherited from Hypervisor.’

  • VM groups: When more VM groups are created under the same hypervisor client, access nodes will be picked up automatically based on the selected Plan for the tenant admin/MSP. Those access nodes are now associated at the VM group level. However, if the same set of access nodes that were picked up are the same as the access nodes listed at the hypervisor level, the following message displays at the VM group level: ‘Inherited from Hypervisor.’

Benefits of Automatic Access Node Selection

  • Access nodes are automatically selected.

  • USE PROXY permissions are not needed to associate any access node with a company.

  • MediaAgents that are associated with your selected plan are used as access nodes.

Virtualized Platforms that You Can Use Automatic Access Node Selection For

The following hypervisors supports automatic access node selection:

  • Amazon EC2

  • Azure (without MSI)

  • Nutanix AHV

  • VMware vCenter

  • VMware vCloud Director