Enabling IntelliSnap Backups for Amazon Web Services

To use Amazon snapshot capabilities, you can enable IntelliSnap backups on an Amazon Web Services VM group.

Before You Begin


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines page appears.

  2. On the VM groups tab, click the VM group.

    The VM group page appears.

  3. On the Configuration tab, in the Settings area, move the IntelliSnap toggle key to the right.


When you enable IntelliSnap on a VM group, Commvault automatically creates the following configurations:

  • Schedule policies are created for the primary (snap) and backup copies.

  • The server backup plan associated with the VM group has IntelliSnap enabled and is set to retain eight snap recovery points. (You can modify the server plan to specify a different number of snaps to retain.)