NetApp Data Protection

With the Commvault software, you can use the following NetApp platforms.

  • ONTAP, including ONTAP Select and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • NetApp HCI

  • SolidFire

  • E-Series

  • StorageGRID

  • Azure NetApp Files (ANF)

NetApp Technologies

With the Commvault software, you can use the following NetApp technologies.

IntelliSnap Snapshot Management

With the IntelliSnap technology, you can manage snapshots of ONTAP, ONTAP Select, Cloud Volume ONTAP, NetApp HCI, SolidFire, E-Series, and ANF. Application data that is stored on NetApp platforms, and then mounted on Windows or UNIX clients can be protected using the NetApp snapshot functionality.

For information about using NetApp platforms with IntelliSnap snapshots, see the following topics.

File System Data Protection

You can use the Commvault software to back up data on NetApp Ontap systems shared via the CIFS and NFS protocols, and via the NDMP protocol.

For information about how to protect CIFS shares, NFS exports, and NDMP content, see the following topics.

NetApp StorageGRID

The Commvault software supports NetApp StorageGRID as both a source device and a target device for backups.

Commvault/NetApp Joint Solutions

Commvault and NetApp have collaborated to create NetApp Scale-out Data Protection (SDP), based on NetApp HCI and Commvault Backup & Recovery. The solution combines NetApp HCI for easy deployment and scaling with NetApp AFF technology for high-performance backup, plus NetApp StorageGRID object storage for long-term retention. The Commvault software manages the backup and recovery processes, including data tiering from flash to object storage tiers.