Recovery Group Options for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


When you configure a recovery group for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure destination, identify source VMs, and then provide values for replication to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure destination site.

You can replicate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure streaming backups.

Note: Before you can add an instance to a recovery group, the instance must be backed up at least one time.

Content Options

  • Hypervisors: Select the hypervisor for the source instances.

    When you edit an existing recovery group, you cannot change this value.

  • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the recovery group, or change the name.

  • Select VM group: Select an existing VM group, or select Create new VM group to add specific instances and create a new VM group.

    When you edit an existing recovery group, you cannot change this value.

  • Select VMs: Select specific instances to be replicated, and then click OK.

    You can select instances from the specified VM group.

  • Plan: When you choose to create a new VM group, select a previously defined server plan for the group.

Target Options

  • Recovery target: Select a previously defined recovery target or click Create new to create a new recovery target.

    When you edit an existing recovery group, you cannot change this value.

  • Access Node: Select a VSA proxy that can perform the replication operation.

  • Schedule: The only available option is Immediately after the backup job completes.

Advanced Options

  • Unconditionally overwrite if it already exists: When you select this check box, the first replication operation replaces an existing instance with the same name in the target location, even if the destination instance is running.

    Replication operations from incremental backups are not affected by this setting. Subsequent incremental backups and replication updates are applied to the destination instance without overwriting the instance. If the destination instance is currently running, the replication operation fails.

Override Options

To change the destination settings for specific VMs, select the VMs from the Virtual machine list. You can enter the following information:

  • Virtual machine: Select a source instance to specify override options.

  • VM display name: Enter the display name for the destination instance, or enter a prefix or suffix to apply to multiple instances.

    You can change this value only when adding a new instance.

  • Shape: Select an instance shape that is at or above the level of the source instances.

  • Staging bucket: (Optional) Select a staging bucket for the replication operation.

  • Create public IP: To make the instance accessible from the Internet, select this check box.