Creating Data Classification Plans for File Storage Optimization


Create a data classification plan for File Storage Optimization to define indexing requirements.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Plans.

    The Plans page appears.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Create plan, and then click Data classification.

    The Data classification plan page appears.

  3. Click File storage optimization.

    The Create data classification plan - File Storage Optimization page appears.

  4. On the Configuration tab, complete the following steps:

    1. In the Plan name box, enter a unique name for the plan.

    2. Create an index server or use an existing index server:

      • To create an index server, click the plus button .

        To use a server as a node for the Index Server, the node must have the Index Store package installed.

      • To use an existing index server, from the Index server list, select the index server.

  5. Click Save.

For information about index servers for File Storage Optimization, see Installing Index Store and Web Server for File Storage Optimization.