Storage Cost Optimization Report Overview


Commvault offers HyperScale storage for disk storage and Metallic Recovery Reserve for cloud storage. These solutions offer significant cost savings, simplification of administration and operation of storage, and technical advancements of storage.

For the existing storage targets in your organization that have warranty or contract expired and are ready for purchase or refresh, you can generate the Storage Cost Optimization report. The report displays information about the current cost for each storage target, cost involved with the recommended Commvault storage solutions, and the corresponding cost savings.

The costs that the report displays are estimates only. The estimate includes an additional cost of 15% growth factor, an additional 35% RAID factor for disk storage targets, and an additional 15% egress cost for cloud storage targets. For example, if the actual cost of a disk storage target is 100 dollars, then the estimate that the report displays is 155.25 dollars that includes 15% growth factor and 35% RAID factor.

The current costs are estimated using industry averages, not the actual costs for the customer. The averages are derived from the Gartner analyst research, “IT Key Metric Data, 2020”.

The report is generated for a specific CommCell. If the customer has multiple CommCells, then the report would need to be run for each of those individual CommCells. The report considers the number of years that the storage targets are already in use and are ready for purchase or refresh. Based on the age, you can consider the storage targets for savings by moving secondary backups to Metallic Recovery Reserve.