Managing Permitted Email Domains for Registration


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For an extra layer of security, the Cloud Services Portal provides the permitted email domain feature. This feature helps control which users can register with your Cloud company group for accessing your CommServe environment and reports.

By default, when the first user of a company group registers, the email domain from that user's email address becomes the only permitted domain for additional users who want to associate with that company group on the Cloud Services Portal. When a user attempts to register using the serial number and registration code for one of your CommServe computers and an email with a domain that is not in your permitted domain list, the user designated as the Cloud CommCell role manager receives an email that asks them to approve the new user registration.

Approving the user's registration allows registration only for that particular user and does not permit any future user to register using the same email domain. Each registration request requires the same approval. To allow access for all users within a specific domain, you must add the domain to the permitted domain list.

Note: Adding an email domain to the permitted domain list automatically approves all future registration requests for users in that email domain. The Cloud CommCell role manager must still manually approve any requests that were pending prior to adding the domain to the permitted list.

The Cloud CommCell role manager can use the following method to add new email domains or delete existing domains from the permitted domain list on the Cloud Services Portal to further enhance security for your CommServe environment.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Service Portal, and then click Forms.

    The form configuration page appears.

  2. Click Manage Permitted Email Domains for New Accounts.

    The Manage Permitted Email Domains for New Accounts dialog box appears.

  3. Perform one of the following procedures:

    • To add a new email domain, click Add domain, type an email domain and then click OK.

    • To delete an existing permitted email domain, click Delete domain, select the check box across the email domain and then click OK.

    The Cloud CommCell role manager will be notified about the changes via email.