Chargeback Report Overview


The Chargeback Report provides information about the size of backup jobs and the size and cost of data saved on storage media for each CommCell computer in your network. Use this report to set the price for storing and maintaining data customers and internal departments. Once you set the price for each item, the report automatically calculates the chargeback for each client group, subclient, client, billing tag, and CommCell computer.

The following criteria are used to calculate chargeback. You can set a price for every item, or just one item, depending on the needs of your organization:

  • Front end cost for both backup and archive data

  • The current cost of transferring and storing primary application data, protected application data including all copies, and data on media

  • The total lifetime cost of storing both application data and all data on media

  • Additional costs per client or subclient and any discounts

You can specify the price for each of these items in the Global Price dialog box.

For a definition of each data measurement in the report, see Chargeback Report - Data Views.

Note: Jobs must be retained for a minimum of one calendar day to be included in the chargeback calculation. If a job is deleted or aged within the same day it runs, the job is not included.

Where To Access The Report

This report is available with both Private Metrics Reporting and Cloud Metrics Reporting. You can view this report on the Web Console, on the Private Metrics Reporting Server, or on the Cloud Services Portal at the Worldwide level, CommCell Group level, and CommCell level.

The Chargeback Report is not available at the Worldwide level or the CommCell Group level on the Cloud Services Portal.

In Managed Server Provider (MSP) environments, Metrics Reports are available at the MSP level. For more information about multi-tenancy, see Multi-Tenant Environment.