eDiscovery Exception Report Overview


Common content index extraction errors, such as local encryption, file corruption, and improper formatting, can prevent potentially relevant and responsive electronically stored information (ESI) from being content indexed successfully. When documents are excluded from the search index due to extraction errors, they are unavailable for compliance and eDiscovery requests. The eDiscovery Exception Report displays information about the state of content indexing operations.

This information can then be used to determine:

  • What percentage of documents were successful, met with an exception, or skipped during content indexing.

  • Why documents met with an exception during content indexing.

  • How to remedy these errors and ensure that all possibly responsive data are available for eDiscovery and compliance searches.

The information displayed by the eDiscovery Exception Report includes:

  • Error descriptions for items that failed during content indexing.

  • Client information, including the local path of the excluded documents.

  • Email and file metadata, such as custodian, recipient, and date modified.

  • And more...

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