Data Views for the SLA Report


The SLA Report displays the percentage of servers that met and missed SLA over the specified time period.

The filters section of the report includes options that you can use to control the report display. The following table describes each filter that is available in the SLA Report.



Server Groups

Lists all servers in the CommCell environment. You can select all groups, or select one or more groups to view the SLA percentages.

Time Frame

You can choose the time period over which SLA is calculated. This configuration changes only what you see in this report. Changing these options does not configure the SLA days settings in the CommCell Console. Options include:

Job Type

Lists all backup job types. Select a backup job type to see the SLA percentage for that job type.

Future scheduled subclients in Met SLA

Counts subclients with an upcoming scheduled job as Met SLA, even if the job has not yet run.

You can view more detailed information about the Met SLA entities in the Protected Servers table and Missed SLA entities by clicking on the corresponding section in the pie chart, or by clicking the Met SLA or Missed SLA links beside the pie chart.

n addition, this chart includes a link to a report about the servers and VMs that are excluded from the SLA report because activity is disabled, the server or VM is deconfigured, or because the server or VM has been offline for a long time. You can also view more detailed information about excluded servers by clicking on Note: N entities are excluded from SLA. This link opens the Excluded Servers report.

SLA Server Summary by Agent

You can view SLA percentage by agent type on the Agent tab. This table includes information about the agent types that are installed in the CommCell environment.



Agent Type

The type of agent that is installed on the CommCell.

SLA Percentage

The percentage of agents that met SLA

Protected Servers

The number of servers installed with this agent that are backed up.

Unprotected Servers

The number of servers installed with this agent that are note backed up.

SLA Trend

The SLA Trend chart displays the SLA percentage over the last three months.