Protected Servers in the SLA Report


The Protected Server Report lists all of the subclients that met SLA and the last backup time in the Clients table.



Data Source

The CommServe server where the information was gathered.


The server that met the SLA threshold.

To view the Servers page on the Command Center, click the server.

Server group

The server groups that include the server.


The type of agent that is installed on the server.


The instance associated with the backup set on the server computer.

Backup set

The backup set associated with the subclient.


The subclient that met SLA.

Last backup time

The date and time when the last backup job ran on the server.

Backup type

The type of backup job that ran on the particular backup set and subclient, such as Incremental or Full.

SLA days

The number of days configured to calculate the SLA on the server.

To view this report, in the SLA Client Summary chart, click Met SLA.