No Schedule in the SLA Report


The No Schedule table lists all of the servers that missed SLA because there were no backup jobs scheduled to run.



Data Source

The CommServe server where the information was gathered.


The name of the server where no backup jobs were scheduled to run.

To view the Servers page on Command Center, click the server.

Server groups

The server groups that the server is associated with.


The type of agent that is installed on the server.


The backup plan associated with the server or VM.


The instance associated with the backup set.


The name of the company that the server is associated with.

Backup Set

The backup set associated with the subclient.


The name of the subclient where no backup jobs were scheduled to run.


The type of missed SLA.

Last Protected Time

The date and time when the last backup job ran.

SLA days

The number of SLA days configured for the server.

SLA days level

The Client group, Plan, or CommCell level where the SLA days is configured.


A list of operations that you can perform on the server or VM. Select any of the following:

  • To exclude the server or VM from the SLA calculation, select Exclude from SLA.

  • To check whether the server or VM is available, select Check Readiness.

  • To send log files for the server or VM to help with troubleshooting issues, select Send Logs.

To view this report, in the Missed SLA chart, click No Schedule.