App Studio

App Studio is a low-code tool that developers can use to create custom applications in the Command Center.

You can build applications to collect and track data in a central location and to automate manual tasks. You and your coworkers can use these custom applications to share information and to collaborate more efficiently.

Custom applications appear as pages in the navigation pane in the Command Center. Pages can include actionable elements, such as links, buttons, forms, and reports. You can also use data from the CommServe database, from third-party databases, and other types of data collections. You can incorporate business logic that uses data tables and forms to control the way that users interact with the application.

Example Application

For example, create an application called Tasks, which includes a master list of all tasks that must be completed within a department. Within the Tasks application, also include two subordinate pages that display the following different, filtered views of the tasks:

  • Tasks: A list of all possible tasks.

    • Open Tasks: A list of tasks that are not yet done.

    • Completed Tasks: A list of tasks that are done.

On the Open Tasks page, configure a drop-down list of users that other users can select to assign a task. On the Completed Tasks page, configure a button that a user clicks to delete a completed task from the list.

Elements of App Studio