Application-Based Backups for the Virtual Server Agent

Similar to application-aware backups, the application-based backups feature performs application discovery for those VMs selected within the VM group and configures backups by installing an in-guest application agent. With application-based backups, you can create the VSA VM group schedules separate from the subclient backup schedules since they are both different and independent of each other.

The application-based backup includes two parts:

  • Virtual Server Agent (VSA) backup: The VSA backup of the virtual machine can be a streaming backup or IntelliSnap backup.

  • Application backup: The application backup is always streaming even if the VSA subclient is configured for an IntelliSnap backup.


The VSA backup does not trigger an application backup. An Application backup is independent of the VSA and runs according to the Plan schedules.

Guest OS Support

You can perform application-based backup operations for Windows VMs.

You can also perform application-based backups for Linux VMs that run Oracle. This option is available only for hypervisors that support Linux proxies.