You can use the Commvault software to back up and restore Cassandra.


Data You Can Back Up

  • All the keyspaces from all the nodes that are in the Cassandra cluster

  • User-defined data types

  • Transaction logs or commit logs

Backups You Can Perform

  • Full backups

  • Incremental backups

  • Commit log backups

When You Can Perform Backups

  • On a schedule: The server plan that you assign manages scheduled backups

  • On demand: You can perform on-demand backups at any time


What You Can Restore

  • The entire cluster

  • Individual key spaces or column families

  • Commit logs

Backups You Can Use for Restores

  • The most recent backup: For example, restore the most recent backup to its original location

  • A backup from a specific date: For example, restore data to a point in time before it became unusable

  • Backups from a date range: For example, restore data that was accidentally deleted

Destinations You Can Restore To

  • The current location (in place)

    You can restore the data and update the data directory to perform a recovery. Or you can copy the files to the nodes without updating the data directory.

  • A different cluster (out of place)