Configuring Compliance Lock

You can enable compliance lock in Commvault using the following procedure:

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Storage > Disk.

    The Disk page appears.

  2. Click the disk storage for which you want to configure WORM storage mode.

    The disk storage page appears.

  3. On the Configuration tab, in the WORM section, move the Compliance lock toggle key to the right.

    The Do you want to enable Compliance lock? dialog box appears.

  4. Select the option to confirm your agreement, and then click YES.


  • Compliance lock will be enabled on all associated copies of the plans. This action is irreversible and you cannot lower the retention.

  • If you want to enable WORM storage lock for a cloud storage on which compliance lock is enabled, contact Commvault support and obtain the authorization code to disable compliance lock and then enable WORM storage lock.