Configuring Settings for a MediaAgent

You can configure settings that are specific to a MediaAgent from the Command Center. The following settings are displayed in the Settings tile of the Infrastructure page in the Command Center:



Visible to Tenant Administrators

Read ahead count for Performance

Set the read count to process the data from storage. Increase the value to improve read performance. Decrease the value to reduce memory consumption by the reader processes on the MediaAgent.


Optimize Network performance by parallelizing DDB lookup

Allow reading multiple data signatures from the deduplication database to improve network performance and reduce the time taken to read the data during backup or Auxiliary Copy operation.


Cloud Storage Server Certificate identity check

Enable or skip checking the server's CA certificate claimed identity for the cloud libraries. A value 0 will skip the identity check and value 2 will allow the self-signed certificate to verify the cloud server's claimed identity.

You can also add more settings to the Command Center.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Infrastructure.

    The Infrastructure page appears.

  2. Click the MediaAgent tile.

    The MediaAgents page appears.

  3. Click the MediaAgent for which you want to configure settings.

    The MediaAgent page appears.

  4. In the Settings section:



    Add a setting

    • Click ADD.

    Modify a setting

    • Click Pencil

    Delete a setting

    • Click delete_data_source.


    You can delete only those settings that were added to the original list of settings on the Settings tile.