Considerations for Backups and Restores of Distributed Resource Scheduler Settings

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) settings for VMs in VMware vCenter are included in backup and restore operations. In VMware environments, you can use the DRS settings to balance the computing resources of host clusters. You don't have to configure any additional options to back up DRS settings using the Commvault software.

These settings are included in streaming backups, IntelliSnap backups, and backup copies. However, you can restore DRS settings using only in-place, full VM restores.

The Commvault software identifies and backs up VMs with DRS settings enabled, VM/Host groups, VM rules, and VM overrides that are associated with the VMs.

Restore Process

During in-place, full VM restores, the DRS settings are restored according to the following logic:

  1. VM Overrides:

    • Restored only if there is no override present for the same VM.

    • If an override is already present, the backed-up VM override is not reapplied and is skipped.

    • If the restore is a non-CBT restore, overrides are restored from the backup, even if the overrides for that VM are already present.

  2. Rules:

    • If a rule that is recreated or restored from the backup conflicts with any other existing rule, the recreated or restored rule is disabled by default. To enable the restored rule, either disable or delete the existing rule.

    • If the rule is deleted from the host cluster, the software recreates the rule from the VM backup and reassociates the entities with the restored rule.

    • If the rule is present, the software appends the restored VM to the same rule.

  3. VM Groups:

    • If the VM group that includes the backup VM still exists on the Host Cluster, the software appends the restored VM to the same Group again.

    • If the VM group that includes the backup VM does not exist on the Host Cluster, then the software does not recreate the VM group. To enable restore of VM Groups, you must verify that the required VM Group exists in the cluster by manually creating it.

VMware Permissions

To restore the backed-up DRS settings, the user account used to perform restore operations must have the following permissions configured on the vCenter: Host > Modify Cluster.