Converting a Data Domain Disk Library to a Data Domain Boost Access Library

You can convert a Data Domain Disk Library (CIFS, NFS, or DDBoost) to a Data Domain Boost Access Library in the following ways.

Prior to converting, make sure that you have enabled the ActivateDDBoost additional setting. For more information, see Enabling Data Domain Boost Storage Library Creation.


Data Domain Boost Access Library requires MediaAgent to have a cloud storage license.

Step 1.


You can convert a CIFS/NFS share to a storage unit by running the following command on Data Domain System. For more information, see Dell EMC® Data Domain® documentation.

ddboost storage-unit modify (MTREE_NAME that you created) user (DDBoost-username-you-want)

Note down the user credentials.

Data Domain Boost FS Disk Library

Note down the credentials used to create the storage unit.

Step 2.

Execute the DiskLibMigration script by running the following command:

qoperation execscript -sn DiskLibMigration -si <LIBRARY_ALIAS_NAME> -si <DEVICE_TYPE>

For example,

qoperation execscript -sn DiskLibMigration -si 'dd_cifs_demo' -si 'DD Boost Access'

For more details, see DiskLibMigration.

This action disables the mount path for writing new data. To allow write operations and pruning, navigate to the Allocation Policy tab on the Mount Path Properties dialog box, and then select Maximum Allowed Writers.

Validating and Accessing the Storage Unit

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Storage > Disk.

    The Disk page appears.

  2. From the list, click the required disk.

  3. On the Backup locations tab, click the required backup location.

  4. In the Disk access paths table, under the Path column, click the path you want to edit.

  5. Edit the following:

    1. Name

    2. IP address in the Data domain host box

    3. Storage unit name


      If the Data Domain Boost Disk Library is created using a folder under the storage unit, then enter the storage unit as Storageunit\Folder.

    4. Access type: Read or Read/Write

  6. Click Save.