Data Views for the Health Report on the Command Center and Web Console Installed with Private Metrics Reporting Server or on the Cloud Services Portal

The Health Report on Command Center and Web Console contains a set of tiles that display information about settings configured in the CommCell environment, the status of various entities in the CommCell environment, and jobs that run in the CommCell environment.

Tiles in the Health Report on the Command Center and Web Console installed with a Private Metrics Reporting Server and the Cloud Services Portal contain the following information and much more:

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) percentage, which is the percentage of clients that have recent backups

  • Severity filters that you can use to organize the tiles

  • The version and feature release that are installed on the CommServe computer, client computers, and MediaAgents

  • Commvault databases that contain over 30% index fragmentation

  • The number of entity licenses that are consumed in the CommCell environment

  • The status of mount paths

  • The failover status of VMs that are configured to use the live sync feature