Disabling the HTTP Proxy for the Kubernetes Access Node

In a secure environment that does not allow the Commvault software to access the Docker Hub, you must use the httpProxyName entity setting to disable the HTTP proxy for your Kubernetes access node.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > System.

  2. Click the Additional settings tile.

    The Additional settings page appears.

  3. Click Add, and then select Entity settings.

    The Add entity settings dialog box appears.

  4. In the Name box, enter httpProxyName.

  5. From the Entity list, select the Kubernetes access node.

  6. In the Category box, enter VirtualServer.

  7. From the Type list, select String.

  8. In the Value box, enter

  9. In the Comment box, enter an explanation for the change.

  10. Click Save.