Excluding Kubernetes Applications from an Application Group

You can exclude Kubernetes applications from an application group so that they are not backed up.

Excluding applications is particularly useful when you use namespace-centric protection to back up the entire cluster. With namespace-centric protection, you can exclude applications that do not require protection, while still ensuring that new applications and data are discovered and protected.

If you add an application as content and exclude the same application, then the application is backed up. If you add content as namespace or label selector and exclude a single or multiple applications, then the application is excluded from back up.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Kubernetes.

    The Applications tab appears.

  2. On the Application groups tab, click the application group.

    The application group page appears.

  3. In the Content section, click Manage.

    The Manage content dialog box appears.

  4. Move the Exclude items toggle key to the right.

    The Exclusions area appears.

  5. From the Exclude list, select the option that displays the resources/objects that you want to select:

    • Applications: Displays the cluster, each namespace, and Pods, DaemonSets, Deployments, StatefulSets, and Helm-deployed applications within the namespace.

    • Label selectors: Displays the cluster, each namespace, and any labels on Pods, Deployments, DaemonSets, StatefulSets, and Helm-deployed applications within the namespace.

      If a namespace does not contain any API resources/objects that have labels, the namespace is displayed as empty.


      • If you select individual applications, labels, or PersistentVolumeClaims, new API resources/objects within the namespace are not backed up.

      • If you use Search to find resources/objects, you can search only for namespaces and applications. Applications are supported API resources/objects (such as Secrets, ConfigMaps, Namespaces, and StorageClasses) that can be listed, created, or re-created using the Kubernetes API server. The search function does not support wildcards and does not find PersistentVolumeClaim names or labels names or label values.

  6. Select the applications to exclude.

  7. To exclude stateless applications (that is, applications that do not have any PersistentVolumeClaims), move the Skip stateless applications toggle key to the right.

  8. Click OK.