Technical Specifications for HyperScale X Appliance Models

The following table lists the technical specifications for HyperScale X Appliance models:

Component N4 N12 N24
CPU 16 Cores (2x Intel Xeon Silver) 32 Cores (2x Intel Xeon Silver) 32 Cores (2x Intel Xeon Silver)
Memory 256 GB 512 GB 768 GB
Supported Drive Size 8 or 20 TB 8 or 20 TB 20 TB
Node Capacity (usable) 17 or 41 (TiB)2 50 or 124 (TiB)2 248 (TiB)2
Boot 2x 480GB SSD
Cache (CVFS) * 3.2 TB Flash/NVMe/SSD
(includes Logs space)
3.2 TB Flash/NVMe/SSD 3.2 TB Flash/NVMe/SSD
Logs (Index cache/DDB) * 3.2 TB Flash/NVMe/SSD 6.4 TB Flash/NVMe/SSD
On-board network connectivity 4x 10/25GbE Ethernet SFP+ (default) or Base-T (optional)
Network Transceivers Selected at time of purchase
Add-in cards Additional network or fiber channel available at time of purchase
Power Supplies Dual LOT9 compliant Power Supplies
Warranty coverage Same or next business day, selected at time of purchase
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