New Features for Commvault HyperScale in Commvault Platform Release 2023

Non-Disruptive CVFS Upgrades for HyperScale X

To ensure uninterrupted operations, Commvault File System (CVFS) updates can now be performed non-disruptively.

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Hardware Monitoring Support for HyperScale X Reference Architecture

Hardware monitoring for HyperScale X is now fully available in Reference Architecture. This enhancement provides a quick and easy way to determine the health and status for all nodes and storage pools, regardless of type. Included monitoring covers disks, cache, fan, power supply, and NIC status, which includes the ability to drill down into the performance statistics for each node.

For more information, see Monitoring the Hardware for HyperScale X Reference Architecture

The following security related enhancements were made for HyperScale:

Restricting Root Access

Enable restricted shell on HyperScale clusters to provide an additional layer of security. This process involves the following steps: :

  • Creating a cvbackupadmin user with limited capabilities or commands needed to administer the nodes and cluster. The user's capabilities will be limited to the set of commands supported by restricted shell.

  • Disabling root login on the nodes from the Command Center, so that only the cvbackupadmin user can log on and access the nodes.

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Enabling Firewall

Enable firewall on HyperScale X clusters, which automatically opens the necessary ports on the HyperScale nodes.

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Enhancements for Installing Operating System Updates on HyperScale Nodes

The following enhancements were made to improve the performance when installing OS updates on the HyperScale nodes:

Download and Install OS Updates Using an Upgrade Script

When the CommServe and HyperScale nodes have no internet connectivity, you can download the OS updates on the nodes using an upgrade script (metadata.tar file).

You can use this upgrade script along with the Commvault Feature Release installation package to generate a custom package that includes the OS updates required for the installation. This method does not require you to download the complete OS update packages that are needed for the upgrade, and therefore reduces the time taken to install the OS updates.

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