New Features for Laptops in Commvault Platform Release 2023

Support for Apple Silicon

The Commvault software supports macOS laptops and file servers that run on Apple silicon chips.

For more information, see System Requirements for Laptop.

Updated Laptops User Interface

The Protect > Laptops page in the Command Center is now built using the React JavaScript library. Changes in the user interface include:

  • The laptop properties page now has an Overview tab and a Configuration tab.

  • Based on whether or not you own a laptop, a list appears at the top right corner of the page enabling you to switch between the All and Owned (Edge mode) view.

    All laptop operations in the My data section of the Web Console is now available in the Owned view on the Protect > Laptops page in the Command Center.

  • A new Recovery points section appears on the Overview tab of the laptop properties page.

For more information, see the following topics: