New Features for Security in Commvault Platform Release 2023

The Unusual file activity report for file data-related anomalies summarizes the file data-related anomalies on backed up files gathered from all Windows clients. You can use this report to track different versions of a document to see if the file has been modified drastically. Modifications may occur if the file is encrypted or corrupted by malware attacks.

For more information, see Unusual File Activity Report for File Data-Related Anomalies.

Create and Manage Access Tokens for REST APIs

You can execute Commvault REST API requests by inserting an access token in a Bearer Token header. You can use access tokens as an alternative to token-based authentication via the Authtoken request header.

You can create an access token for yourself in the Command Center and use it to execute API requests. If you are an administrator, you can modify or delete access tokens of other users in the Command Center.

For more information, see Access Tokens for REST APIs.