New Features for Security in Commvault Platform Release 2023E

Introducing Commvault Risk Analysis and Threat Scan

Commvault Risk Analysis combines File Storage Optimization and Sensitive Data Governance features to help you scan and analyze live or backup data for sensitive data and data sprawl. This add-on package helps reduce data extrusion from your environment.

Commvault Threat Scan combines Threat Analysis and File Data Analysis features to help you scan backup content for malware and encryption. This add-on package helps you avoid infection from threats and recover clean data.

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Monitor File Activity Anomalies for Virtual Machine Guests

Anomalous created, modified, deleted, and renamed file activity insights are now supported for virtual machine guests without requiring an in-guest agent. This provides in-built backup threat monitoring without the complexity of managing and installing agents. This feature utilizes the VM file indexing framework and Commvault's AI/ML engine. This insight may indicate threat activity may have impacted data that was backed up within the VM guest. When anomalies are detected they can be viewed on the Unusual File Activity dashboard, and clean pre-anomalous recoveries can be performed quickly.

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