New Features for Snapshot Management in 11.24

Add Snapshot Copies to Server Plans

You can add snapshot copies to server plans.

For more information, see Adding a Snapshot Copy to a Plan.

Multisite IntelliSnap for NetApp Arrays

With the multisite feature, you can use the Commvault software to perform IntelliSnap operations on NetApp C-Mode storage arrays that have duplicate IPs. This configuration is particularly useful if the environment has multiple NetApp storage arrays that have the same IP addresses across multiple isolated networks.

For more information, see Multisite Intellisnap for NetApp Arrays.

Support for Firmware and Versions

The following storage arrays have new versions or firmware:

  • Pure Storage FlashArray: Purity 6.1.3

  • NetApp SolidFire: Element OS and NetApp HCI with Element OS 12.2

  • IBM N-Series: ONTAP 9.9.1

Support for Platforms

The following platform is now supported: Suse 12.x.