New Features for Virtualization in Commvault Platform Release 2023

Common Virtual Server Agent Framework

Application-Based Backups for the Virtual Server Agent

With application-based backups for virtualized workloads, you can perform application discovery for VMs selected within the VM group and configure backups by installing an in-guest application agent. You can create the VSA VM group schedules separate from the subclient backup schedules because VM groups and subclients are independent of each other.

You can restore application-based backup data for the following:

  • Active Directory

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL Agent

  • Oracle

For more information, see Application-Based Backups.

Automatic Access Node Selection for Virtualized Workloads

When you create a hypervisor, Commvault software can automatically select access nodes to perform authentication while creating clusters, browsing content, and backup up and restoring data. Select the Automatic option to initiate the access node selection process without having to select it manually while creating a hypervisor.

For more information, see Automatic Access Node Selection for Virtualization.

ACL-Based Browse and Restores on Virtual Server Agent Clients Using Command Line (cvc) Interface

End-users can perform ACL (access control list) based file and folder level browse and restore operations from the backed-up Virtual Server Agent (VSA) clients, using the end-user command line (cvc) interface.

For more information, see Commvault End-User Command Line (cvc) Interface Operations for Virtual Server Agent.

Amazon Web Services

Convert and Replicate VMs with Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Boot to AWS

You can convert and replicate virtual machines that use Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot, without the need to maintain a UEFI-enabled Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in the destination AWS account. UEFI is a modern firmware that supports large storage volumes and secures boot functionality.

For more information, see:

Linux Driver Injection for VM Conversion to Amazon EC2

With automatic driver injection you can recover, migrate, and replicate Linux-based VMware, Hyper-V, and Azure VMs to Amazon EC2 instances. To ensure optimal performance, Commvault modifies the default initial RAM disk (initrd) to include the Amazon Paravirtual (Xen), NVMe, and Enhanced Networking (ENA) drivers.

For more information about converting to Amazon, see: Converting to AWS.

Restores and Cross-Hypervisor Restores

Convert an Oracle VM Virtual Machine to a Red Hat Virtualization Virtual Machine

When restoring an Oracle VM virtual machine from backup, you can restore it as a Red Hat Virtualization virtual machine.

For more information, see Converting to Red Hat Virtualization.