New Features for Virtualization in Commvault Platform Release 2023E

Amazon EC2

Support for File Indexing Version 2

Using File Indexing Version 2, you can index guest files and folders of Windows and Linux Amazon EC2 instances.

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ARM Access Nodes for Azure VMs

With the introduction of ARM-based processors in Azure, you can use this new VM type for your Commvault access nodes for cost-effective and energy-efficient infrastructure.

Application-Consistent Snapshots for Azure VMs

You can use the new "File system and application consistent" backup type for Azure VMs to perform a point-in-time application-consistent snapshot of all the managed disks of the VM.

Google Cloud Platform

Restoring Intellisnap Backup Guest Files and Folders for Google Cloud Platform

You can restore guest files and folders from an Intellisnap backup Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instance to a specified destination (access node).

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Live Mount for Hyper-V Hosted on Azure

Using Live Mount, you can use nested virtualization to run a Hyper-V virtual machine directly from a backup stored on Microsoft Azure.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Multiple Region Support for OCI Hypervisors

You can select one or more regions when creating an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) hypervisor.

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