Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Commvault software offers the following Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Commvault supports connectors for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic (OCIC) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to store the data in the cloud.

For more information, see Cloud Storage-Support.

Data Protection and Recovery

Commvault offers solutions that protect the file systems, databases (for example, Oracle, SQL and PostgreSQL) and big application data (for example, Hadoop, MongoDB and Cassandra) in a consistent way and also provides self-recovery so that you can easily recover data from a management console.

For more information, see the following sections:


More Information

AD Directory Server

Overview - Active Directory iDataAgent


Apache Cassandra Database Protection

Exchange Server

Exchange Agents


Getting Started with Hadoop




Microsoft SQL Server Agent


Overview - MySQL iDataAgent


Overview - Oracle Agent


Overview - PostgreSQL iDataAgent

Instant Clone of Oracle or SQL Server Applications

You can use the Commvault software to instantly create a copy of the applications in the Oracle cloud infrastructure. You can create a clone from a snapshot, or a backup copy.

When you perform the following procedures, configure the destination server to be the Oracle cloud.

For more information about Oracle, see Oracle Instant Clones.

For more information about SQL, see Creating a SQL Server Clone Environment.

Disaster Recovery: Replication of an Oracle Database or a SQL Database to the OCI Cloud

Organizations can store the data in the Oracle Cloud for disaster recovery reasons. Commvault protects data on-site and replicates the copy to Oracle Object Storage and in the other direction. You can configure disaster recovery between two data centers by replicating databases or applications. You can configure the replication interval from every few minutes to a few hours, based on your RPO and RTO.

For more information about Oracle, see Replication of Oracle Databases.

For information about SQL, see Replication of SQL Databases.

If you are looking for a solution that is not covered by the use cases, contact us as and we will be happy to assist you.