You can define regions, such as Northeast US or Asia Pacific, for your storage locations. A region is a group of one or more locations (cities, states, and countries) that define a geographic boundary for your enterprise. When you use a plan that has region-based storage, if a client's region matches a region that is defined in the plan, then the client's backup data is sent to the storage that is defined for that region.


Searching for a location in a region requires access to the internet. For more information about external URLs for regions, see External URLs for Commvault Features.

Region Association for Clients

Each client in your environment has a region association. When software is installed on a client, the software automatically associates the client with a region based on its current geographic location. You can edit the region that is associated with a client from the client page in the Command Center.

Default Regions and New Regions

The Command Center includes many default regions for major cities and countries around the world. You can also group these default regions together into new regions.

Region Based Storage